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Achievement (33)
Sermons about achieving possibilities and goals
Adultery (13)
Sermons about infidelity, fornication, and sexual promiscuity
Animals & Insects (40)
Sermons that use animals and insects to depict biblical truths
Anniversary - Choir (16)
Ideas for music related occasions
Anniversary - Church (64)
Ideas for anniversaries or other milestone occasions
Anniversary - Homecoming (29)
Ideas of homecoming programs and reunions
Anniversary - Mens Day (49)
Ideas for occasions celebrating men and fathers
Anniversary - Pastor (36)
Ideas for Pastor anniversaries, installations and ordinations
Anniversary - Ushers (18)
Ideas for usher celebrations
Anniversary - Women (45)
Ideas for occasions celebrating women and mothers
Apostasy (15)
Sermons about backsliding and falling away from the faith.
Assurance (27)
Sermons about being sure of our salvation and God's promises.
Atonement (24)
Sermons about making atonement for past sins to earn favor with God
Bitterness (14)
Sermons about the effects of bitterness on the Christian life.
Black Heritage (65)
Ideas that celebrate Black heritage and the Black Christian Experience
Blessings (93)
Ideas celebrating blessings and favor of God.
Blood (30)
Sermons about the blood of Christ and its power to save souls.
Born Again (20)
Sermons about the importance of being saved.
Break Through (36)
Sermons about receiving long awaited blessings and favor from God.
Building Fund (15)
Ideas for occasions for building fund and cornerstone laying programs
Burdens (14)
Sermons about dealing with troubles, frustrations and burdens
Celebration (10)
Sermons about Celebrating the joy and and presence of God in our lives.
Character (14)
Sermons about building and sustaining Christian Character
Christian Education (23)
Ideas promoting Bible Study and Christian Education
Christian Living (88)
Sermons about living the Christian life
Christmas (104)
Ideas related to Christmas and Advent
Church Operations (2)
Materials useful in the operation and management of the church
Communion (118)
Ideas related to the Lord’s Supper, crucifixion and redemption.
Confidence (15)
Sermons about assurance and confidence in the promises of God
Consequences (19)
Sermons about the outcome of decisions we make in life.
Courage (10)
Sermons about Christian courage in the the face of opposition and danger.
Cross (46)
Ideas that focus on the Cross and its significance
Deacons (13)
Deacon ministry ideas including ordinations and celebrations
Deliverance (84)
Ideas about deliverance from sin and difficulties
Dependability (9)
Sermons about the importance of dependability in Christian service.
Determination (21)
Sermons about resolving to continues the Christian life.
Devil, Satan & Hell (16)
Sermons that preach about devil, hell and Satan and how Christians can overcome the grips of each.
Dr. Watts And Short Meter Hymns (16)
Dr. Watts and Short Meter Hymns with lyrics. These will be useful as you teach leaders and youth the old hymns of the church
Easter (56)
Ideas related to Easter, Resurrection and Palm Sunday
Faith (105)
Ideas related to strengthening and using faith
Fall Festivals (Halloween) (24)
Sermon Ideas about the dangers of promoting evil in modern society
Family (72)
Ideas for family and friends, reunions and family based celebrations
Farm Life (11)
Sermons that draw upon illustrations from scripture or life experiences based on life on the farm
Fathers (27)
Ideas for occasions promoting Black Fathers
Forgiveness (7)
Sermons about forgiving others and being forgiven
Friends Day (11)
Ideas for family and friends celebrations
Frustration (56)
Ideas about dealing with frustrations, fears and anxieties
Funerals (130)
Ideas related to death, memorials and funerals
Graduation (33)
Ideas for graduation celebrations
Healing (19)
Ideas promoting spiritual and physical healing through God’s grace
Heaven (31)
Sermon ideas that point to and show the way to heaven
Hope (84)
Ideas promoting the hope of God
Inspiration (528)
Ideas that generally exhort and inspire
Joy (21)
Ideas that promote Christian Joy and Happiness
King Day (31)
Ideas associated with the Martin Luther King Dream
Lifestyles (41)
Sermons about various lifestyles the world offers compared to the life of faith.
Love (32)
Ideas the promote biblical love
Marriage (26)
Ideas that focus on marriage improvement
Member Improvement (81)
Ideas about improving morality and quality of Christian life
Mercy (8)
Sermons about appealing for and receiving God's mercy
Miracle (17)
Ideas about miracles and angels
Missionary Service (47)
Ideas about foreign and home mission, helping others
Mothers Day (45)
Ideas associated with Mother’s Day and Women’s Programs
Movie Themes (27)
Inspirational sermons based on the titles of popular movies.
Murder and Suicides (10)
Sermons about murder, murder victims and suicides
Music Titles (44)
Sermon Ideas with titles borrowed from popular music titles
Music Tracks for Worship (176)
If you can't find a musician,these remixes of popular and traditional songs will help solve your problem. Download the tracks you want and play them back through your church sound system.
New Year (78)
Ideas about new beginnings and fresh starts
Nursery Rhymes and Children's Stories (7)
Sermons based on nursery rhymes, poems and children's stories
Obedience (6)
Sermons about the Christian obligation to obey the Lord and its rewards and punishments.
Pain and Sickness (6)
Sermons about dealing with pain and sickness
Palm Sunday (19)
Ideas related to Palm Sunday
Parenting (9)
Sermons about rearing children in the fear of the Lord
Patience (12)
Sermons about the benefits of patience and waiting on the Lord.
Patriotism (12)
Sermons about patriotism and love of country
Peace (5)
Sermons about enjoying the peace of God
Poverty (10)
Ideas about God’s concern for the poor
Praise (30)
Sermons about the worship and praise of God.
Prayer (38)
Ideas about the power of prayer
Preparation (12)
Ideas about being constantly prepared
Progress (16)
Sermons about moving forward toward goals
Promises (18)
Sermons about trusting in the promises God.
Provision (27)
Sermons that focus on God providing for daily needs.
Purposeful Living (37)
Sermons about believers living within God's purpose for their lives.
Repentance (31)
Sermons about the importance of repentance through Christ
Restoration (43)
Sermons about being restored after apostasy or sinful living
Reunions (20)
Ideas associated with reunions
Revival (183)
Ideas about salvation, being born again and repentance
Reward (16)
Sermons about the payment saints receive for faithful service
Sacrificial Living (38)
Sermons About making sacrifices to live the Christian life and the rewards that follow
Salvation (41)
Sermons about the nature and rewards of being saved
Sermon Library Volumes (40)
The Sermon Library contains over 3,700 pages of Sermon notes in 14 volumes of the sermons of Roosevelt Wright, Jr. Library volumes are available by email.
Sermons by Dr. Amos Jones (13)
Sermons preached by Dr. Amos Jones, pastor of the Zion Hill First African Baptist Church in Nashville, TN.
Sermons by Pastor Ro (44)
Enjoy full text sermons by Roosevelt Wright, III (Pastor Ro) Pastor of the Grip of Greater Realness Church in Shreveport, La.
Service (27)
Sermons about serving the Lord and its rewards
Singles (12)
Ideas associated with single Christian living
Sleep (3)
Sermons that address the subject of sleep whether in death or inactivity
Spirit Filled (8)
Ideas about living a spirit filled Christian life
Sports Themes (29)
Sermons that use sports illustrations, statistics and info. Excellent for Superbowl or Playoff Sundays
St. John's Day (1)
Ideas for use at the Masonic Celebration of St. John’s Day
Stewardship (11)
Ideas about giving and tithing
Storms, Hurricanes and Diasters (20)
Sermons offering encouragement in the wake of great storms, floods and natural diasters.
Strength (14)
Sermons about the power given to believers to live the Christian life.
Struggles (19)
Sermons about the struggles of our people to achieve through faith in God.
Studying the Word (3)
Sermons about the importance of bible study.
Submission (2)
Sermons about surrendering to God with both body and soul.
Subscriptions (4)
Build A Sermon Subscription Service. Sign up Monthly, 6 Month or 1 Year.
Success (22)
Sermons about achieving success in the sight of God and man.
Suffering (26)
Sermons about suffering and enduring difficult times.
Television Shows (6)
Sermons based on the theme or title of a television show
Temptation (6)
Sermons about dealing with temptations to sin.
Testimony (27)
Sermons about telling what God has done in the lives of believers
Thanksgiving (29)
Ideas associated with gratitude and Thanksgiving
Trials (19)
Sermons about weathering trials and difficulties.
Troubling Times (62)
Ideas dealing overcoming troubling times
Trust (9)
Sermons about faith and trusting God
Unity (3)
Sermons about being united in kingdom building
Victory (52)
Ideas celebrating personal and spiritual achievement
Witnessing (32)
Ideas about evangelism and witnessing
Worry (9)
Sermons about dealing with worisome situations and the power of faith to overcome worry
Youth (153)
Ideas especially targeted for youth oriented experiences
Youth Training Materials (10)
Downloadable pamphlets for Youth and Youth Leader Training.
Books, Tapes and Videos (28)
Books, study guides, recordings and other materials to aide in your church ministry